'UHF' movie 20 year anniversary (Sept. 2013)


Permanent Layout (circa 2012)

Downtown Mergatroid Mergatroid Watkins GCMRA steel Mill backside In the mountains
Alison yard Express refinery Kerryville yard Kerryville Union Station Kerryville engine terminal
Kerryville engine terminal Farm near Boggy Creek Swan Yard and lower entrance to helix Banham yard (staging on lower level) Bruce's Landing
Double-track helix between levels Instructing the operators The three stooges... Running trains Who's in charge here?!


Permanent Layout (circa 2005)

gcmra refinery track GCMRA oil loading GCMRA two level layout GCMRA steel Mill backside Steel mill
GCMRA diamonds GCMRA rolling mill GCMRA blast furnace GCMRA loco servicing facility GCMRA refinery lead
GCMRA viaduct GCMRA girder bridge GCMRA coach yard Refinery GCMRA helix
Swan Yard


Traveling (modular) Layout


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