SWITCHING DISTRICTS - For those who enjoy
shoving freight cars around, our layout has
abundant opportunities to hone your skills at
several industrial sidings and a HUGE steel mill
with two blast furnaces.
YARD MASTER - A giant rail yard with engine
facilities for both steam era and modern diesel
locomotives is the centerpiece of the layout.
Hundreds of feet of track and dozens of turnouts
make this an exrtremely busy place.

realistic train control, we use Digitrax digital
command control (DCC) to operate all trains.
Club members are welcome to bring their DCC
equipped locos to run anytime.

All eras and roadnames are welcome
to operate on the layout.

MULTI-LEVEL - There are currently two levels.
Much of the lower level is dedicated to a large
staging yard, along with several towns to visit
along the way. An 8-foot diameter helix is used
to transition between levels.